Graduation Party Food

So here it is – almost graduation time – and you still have to figure out what kind of  to serve.  Don’t worry because it is not too late because you can start today planning your food menu.  Something you probably already know is that you want to offer menu items that are easy for your guests to eat and carry while mingling with other people at the party.  The goal is to make graduation food simple, fulfilling and delicious.  Here’s everything you need to know to jump start the menu planning process.

First things first, when thinking about food, the main dish is what you should decide on first.  You want your guests to really enjoy the party, so as stated earlier you want a main dish that can move with your guests.  A staple for college graduation party food is chicken wings in different varieties – hot or spicy, barbeque, fried, and boneless.  Ribs are also a favorite main dish for graduation parties.  A popular high school graduation party food is submarine sandwiches because they can be easily eaten by hand.

If you are planning a sit down dinner, special recipes with pasta, like spaghetti and meatballs, or a vegetable or meat lasagna is perfect.  Pasta is easy to bake, can be cooked very quickly and made in bulk.  A pizza buffet can also put a huge smile on guests faces.  Another party food to add to the menu is side dishes.  Cheese and crackers are a simple side dish as well as vegetables and dip.  A great healthy option is fruit skewers which can give tables a fun splash of color.

Be sure to add salads to your menu.  A salad bar is an option, or go with a vegetable tray full of sliced vegetables with a delicious dip.  Pick from chicken salad, tuna salad, lettuce salads, gelatin salads or simple fresh fruit medley.  Have several different dressings available so that you have something for every guest to eat and enjoy.  Now consider which desserts will be crowds pleasers.  Of course there will be a spectacular graduation cake, but you can also other chocolate treats and fruit-flavored desserts.

Drinks must also be a part of your graduation party food menu.  Cans of soda and bottled water are ideal for both college and high school graduations.  There are many recipes for a punch that your guests will love.  For instance an example of a great punch is a combination of ginger ale, rainbow sherbet, and fruit punch creates one of the most delectable beverages that is sure to be a hit with your guests.

You are on your way to creating a beautiful and delicious graduation party food menu.  Now that you have some party ideas about a few of the most simple and popular dishes to make your party a huge success.  Think how good you’ll feel after you’ve put together a scrumptious menu that pleases everyone.

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graduation party food

graduation party food ideas

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